Staff List

Principal - Bruce Joudrey 


ECS - Theresa Doody

Grade 1/2 - Tara Gauchier 

Grade 3/4 -  Helen Akranis

Grade 5/6 - Joy Williams

Support Staff

Linda Cunningham 

Helen Gauchier 

Kirsten Lamouche

Stacey Anderson

Brenda Tulloch

When We Are Healthy Program (WWAH) - Norma Noskey 

Bus Driver - Norma Noskey

Bus Driver - Sandra Cunningham

Head Cook - Sandra Cunningham

Custodian - Joyce Collins

Custodian - Eileen Dvornek

If there are any questions or concerns regarding your child/ren's education, please feel free to email or call the individual teacher or principal. All email addresses for Bishop Routhier Staff are as follows: